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Open-source is a chainsaw

Open-source is popular among software engineers and has been for decades. But far from a silver bullet that automatically makes everything better, open-source is a double-edged sword. It can make wonderful, sustainable projects or break the teams behind them.
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Tracking what works, not people

The Matrix Foundation is in charge of various activities revolving around Matrix. One of the most important activities to make Matrix a mainstream protocol is lowering the barrier to entry for the general public. The website is a critical step of the onboarding: this is what people will stumble upon when they look up “what is Matrix chat” or “chatting on Matrix” in a search engine.
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Escaping surveillance capitalism, at scale

Our relationship with computers and phones has changed. We used to rely on software installed locally on our computers, and are now shifting towards a model based on services and companion apps, sometimes with free tiers and subscriptions.
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I don't want to host services (but I do)

I don’t want to self-host, and even worse: I think most individuals shouldn’t host services for others. Yet, I am self-hosting services and I even teach people how to do it.