Open source projects and foundations need to articulate their vision, onboard partners, execute the mission, and communicate progress. That’s what I do for the Matrix Foundation.

Discover my impactHow I work

I help open source projects articulate their vision and mission.

Open source projects are rarely only about technical issues. I give them and their community a meaning, and turn hairy topics into fun projects.

Articulate the vision

The Foundation is serving a complex ecosystem of vendors and projects. I helped the Foundation refine its clear role to allow the ecosystem to grow.

Strategy, roadmap & budget

A nonprofit is not a for-losses. I created the Foundation’s budget, internal and public roadmaps, and key metrics to follow projects success.

Onboard partners

Individuals, organisations and philanthropies allow work to happen. They need transparency. We set-up tooling and process to make it happen.

Steer, hire, deliver

I hire and contract with talented staff to work on the Foundation projects. I follow progress against the indicators of the roadmap to measure impact.

Make it public

Donors must know what is happening, in a language they understand. I turn technical milestones into recognizable achievements that everyone can rally behind.