I'm Thib.

Developer Advocate at Element

The logo of Element, made of four apostrophes laid out in circle.


Making decentralised communications accessible to everyone, from the general public to the public sector.

A screenshot of the Element X iOS app showcasing a casual conversation.

Full stack advocate

Web Frontend

The universal stack you just can't ignore. From presenting ideas on a website to implementing a web app, I know my way around the most ubiquitous tech of the century.

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A good front is your chance to make a first impression. A good back is where your service happens. Good services make good products. I know my way deeper in the stack.

Behind the scenes


Because nowadays apps rarely just sit in your computer, we need to be able to make them available to the world, reliably. I deploy and maintain apps in production.

I empower enthusiasts

Onboarding Developers & More

I turn scary docs into fun projects.

Watch me do it
A YouTube thumbnail showing me, Thib, in front of slides to explain how a client and two servers talk to one another.A YouTube thumbnail showing the logo of Discord, Matrix and Slack. The title says “Bridging Discord and Slack”.A YouTube thumbnail showing a large hammer falling on a message that says books are fancy toilet paper. The title of the video is “Enforcing moderation”.
A screenshot of the matrix.org website frontpage

I'm mindful of the time and knowledge of the audience.

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