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Escaping surveillance capitalism, at scale

Our relationship with computers and phones has changed. We used to rely on software installed locally on our computers, and are now shifting towards a model based on services and companion apps, sometimes with free tiers and subscriptions.
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Should you check SSH fingerprints?

You just set up a new server, and you want to SSH into it to start configuring it. You open your terminal, use the ssh command to connect remotely into it and… you get greeted by a prompt telling you the authenticity of the host can’t be established.
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My server can burn, my services will run

When I was a kid, our house got burgled three times. Our most valuable belongings were taken, our safe place put upside down, and our minds were scarred. This had a deep impact on my relationship with belongings: I want as little of them as possible, and I want them to be easy to replace.
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I don't want to host services (but I do)

I don’t want to self-host, and even worse: I think most individuals shouldn’t host services for others. Yet, I am self-hosting services and I even teach people how to do it.
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Encrypted Backups on a Raspberrypi with a Sleepy Disk

I self-host a few services. It’s easy to put services online, but self-hosting properly in the long run is difficult. A part of self-hosting properly is having backups and monitoring. In this article I’m going to show you how I make sure to get off-site backups, with a Raspberry Pi at home pulling data from my VPS. There’s room for improvement, and if you have constructive comments on how I can do better I’d be happy to hear them!