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Monitored Encrypted Backups on a Raspberrypi with a Sleepy Disk

I self-host a few services. It’s easy to put services online, but self-hosting properly in the long run is difficult. A part of self-hosting properly is having backups and monitoring. In this article I’m going to show you how I make sure to get off-site backups, with a Raspberry Pi at home pulling data from my VPS. There’s room for improvement, and if you have constructive comments on how I can do better I’d be happy to hear them!

The Threat

The threat I’m working against is data loss. It can happen because my VPS gets hacked, in which case I want to destroy the VPS to prevent it from bein exploited further without having to think twice. If my data is leaked, I don’t want the additional burden of not having access to it myself

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I don't want to host services (but I do)

I don’t want to self-host, and even worse: I think most individuals shouldn’t host services for others. Yet, I am self-hosting services and I even teach people how to do it.

Have I turned cynical, or is there a rationale behind it? Let’s cover what hosting services really means and why it makes sense to do it nonetheless.

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