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Writing is hard, so I got help

I’m not a native English speaker. I make grammar mistakes, and I write convoluted sentences. This can muddy my message. I can nag colleagues and friends to proofread my prose, but I want to be mindful of their time. I decided to find a tool to help me write better English instead.
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Syncing Notes with Obsidian

In a previous post I mentioned my quest for an interoperable successor to OneNote, and how I ended up settling with Obsidian. I often braindump in bed, before picking up the ideas and fleshing them out on a computer the next day. This means I need to synchronise Obsidian between my computers and phone.
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OneNote but Interoperable

When I worked as a consultant, I loved OneNote on the Windows 7 machine I had to use. When moving to Windows 10 OneNote had become a version mess between the free and paid one… and then work allowed me to move to another operating system. Needless to say non-Windows versions of OneNote are not as feature rich nor usable as the one I was used to.