About me

Hi, my name is Thibault Martin, but I regularly go by Thib to make things easier. My name has as many silent letters as regular ones: It's pronounced /ti.bo/, but I won't be offended by how you pronounce it.

I have extensive experience in Enterprise contexts, where I learned how to deliver projects efficiently, taking into consideration all the power dynamics at play.

I study how technology works, its social effects, and how to make it accessible and inclusive. Software professionals have a great responsibility: Some of our work automates parts of citizens lives and how they interact with each other. These can make work cheaper and more efficient, but they can also make people relying on them vulnerable.

Open-source projects and foundations are an excellent way to keep the technology in control and software professionals accountable. They must work hand in hand with donors and regulators to maximise their positive impact.


Element / Matrix Foundation • October 2021 – Now

Director of Program Development / Senior Developer Advocate
  • Conducted a program inventory & review and established a budget
  • Simplified the main website
  • Created popular tutorials (8k+ views on YouTube)
  • Hosted a weekly show and monthly live show on YouTube
  • Onboarded a dozen of new volunteers on a FOSDEM stand
  • Arranged devrooms at FOSDEM
  • Liaised with volunteers in other conferences (e.g. FrOSCon, Chaos Computer Club & Camp)

GNOME Foundation • July 2021 – July 2023

Chair of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee (volunteer positions)

Bureau Veritas • April 2020 – September 2021

Identity Services Tech Lead
  • Managed the on-premises IdP, in-house IAM suite and underlying LDAP
  • Managed the team of level 2 support for the solution
  • Evangelised the solution to new acquisitions and new projects
  • Onboarded 20 projects onto the identity suite

Allianz • March 2019 – March 2020

Entreprise Architect (consultant)
  • Lead the identity solution revamp project in the context of updating the customer-facing apps and websites
  • Coordinated with business and mainframe experts to find a solution compatible with legacy systems
  • Trained technical and product teams to OpenID Connect specifities
  • Lead the RFI and RFP on a IAM solution, vendor and integrator
  • Worked on proofs of concept with the developer teams

Bouygues Telecom • September 2018 – March 2019

API Architect (consultant)
  • On the field study of the needs in the context of merging two legacy stacks
  • Definition of solutions based on the needs gathered
  • Technical advocacy to the tech team
  • Redaction of test cases and a test book
  • Supervision of PoC to validate the proposed architecture
  • Restitution to management

Wavestone • March 2015 – March 2018

Security Architect
  • Built proof of Concepts and dispensed training on OpenID Connect to various teams
  • Studied the problems of identity solutions that people felt on the field. Automated low added-value tasks, built KPIs from the tool's database.
  • Contributed to the migration to a new PKI after studying on the field how certificates were used, in the context of a split between Alstom and General Electric. Orchestrated the deployment of new certificates on the machienes, and developed a support portal for offshore support teams.